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Current Class Offerings

Adding a Hood to Your Sweater
In this class we’ll explore various types of hood construction, discuss hood shapes and sizes, and learn how to choose the right seaming and shaping techniques. By the end of this class you’ll be ready to add a hood to any knit sweater or cardigan project.

Beadazzled Crochet
Hook up some sparkly fun with this introduction to beaded crochet. Learn 2 different methods for bead placement, how to match the right beads to your project, what to do when the beads you love just won’t slide onto your yarn, and how to incorporate beads into your favorite stitch patterns.

Crochet Beginnings – Chains vs Foundation Stitches
In this class we’ll explore a variety of ways to kick start your crochet from the very first stitch. We’ll explore ways to maximize base chains, chain-less foundation stitches, and when to use foundation stitches in place of base chains.

Crochet Borders for Knitters
Crochet borders can tame unruly stockinette, eliminate the need for facings, and give the perfect finishing touch to many knitted projects. Armed with basic crochet stitches, you’ll learn to add simple yet elegant borders to your knitting. In this class we’ll cover foundation rows, turning corners, crab stitch, and more.

Duct Tape Dress Form
If you knit, crochet, or sew garments for yourself a dress form can be a very useful tool. Students in this class use duct tape to construct a body double precisely reflects your unique size and contours.

Lining Knit and Crochet Bags
Bags are the perfect project for both knit and crochet, but you many wonder how best to finish your bag – especially if you are not adept at sewing. This lecture will describe sewing techniques and no-sew strategies for finishing knit/crochet bags, show samples of useful tools and materials, and suggest bag projects that can be used without linings.

Second Yarn Around – Reclaiming Yarn from Thrift Store Sweaters
In this class, you will learn to select the right sweater and the necessary tools for recycling. Then you’ll learn to completely disassemble a sweater and unravel the yarn for future use. Plus, you’ll get tips on knitting and crocheting with reclaimed yarn.

Smocked Knitting
Smocked or wrapped stitches can add unique texture and style to knitted garments and accessories. In this class we will explore 3 methods for smocking as you knit, and learn to add apply “afterthought” smocking to any project. In addition, we will discuss applications for smocking and how to add it to your favorite stitch patterns.

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