Crochet Skirts Flatter Your Figure With Vertical Lines

Vertical lines make a body appear thinner while horizontal lines make a body look wider. It’s a truism we’ve all heard before. Just take a look at these examples:

Horizontal Skirt

Skirt with horizontal lines appears wide.

Vertical Skirt

Skirt with vertical lines appears more narrow.


The skirt on the left features horizontal lines which accentuate the body’s width. Unless you have exceptionally narrow hips, this is a no-no. Most women would prefer not to draw the eye to that part of the body. On the other hand, the skirt on the right has vertical lines which make the garment appear longer and more narrow. In actuality, both these figures are exactly the same size, but which would you rather wear? the vertical stripes, of course!

If this is true, why is it so difficult to find crocheted garments with figure-flattering vertical lines? Well, crochet is worked horizontally resulting in stitch and stripe patterns that appear horizontal as well. My solution to the problem is to think sideways.


Kidner crocheted skirt

In my Kidner Skirt, the front panel is worked from side to side creating bold and flattering vertical lines. As a result, this garment is flattering on most body types. Imagine wearing it to the office or around town. The Kidner digital crochet pattern is now available for purchase.

Marilyn Pencil Skirt2

Marilyn Pencil Skirt

Another variation on the sideways theme is my Marilyn Pencil Skirt. This head-turning garment was nominated for Best Skirt by the The Crochet Awards. It is worked entirely in back-loop ribbing. The bottom panel is made side-to-side creating vertical lines that make the legs appear longer. I’ve even taken advantage of the seam – leaving it open at the bottom as a sexy front slit. The pattern was published in the December issue of I Like Crochet, a digital magazine which is available here. My friend, Bebe (from, looks stunning in this skirt.

When you crochet your next skirt, think sideways! Change the lines from horizontal to vertical. Doing so will make your body appear thinner and make you feel great.