Fair Weather Crochet

Fair Weather Crochet

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Keep reading to find out how you can get a free copy of the Rialto Ribbed Top crochet pattern.

Winter doesn’t last forever. Crochet doesn’t have to be cozy. For my contribution to the 2016 NaCroMo Blog tour, I’d like to talk about making your crochet work for warm weather. In this post we’ll explore which yarns, stitches and hooks you can use to keep your crochet nice and cool. Plus, you’ll learn how you can get my Rialto Ribbed Top pattern for free.

Plant-based Yarns Keep You Cool
Cotton, linen, bamboo, and other similar plant-based yarns are ideal for warm weather crochet. Unlike wool and acrylic, these fibers don’t hold in body heat. Another way in which plant-based yarns differ from wool and acrylic is their lack of memory. Cotton, linen and bamboo projects are notorious for “growing” or stretching out of shape, so you need to crochet them with this in mind. The best way to anticipate how much the project will grow is to start off by taking hanging gauge measurements. Another plant-based fiber to consider is tencel. It offers all the softness and sheen of bamboo and silk, but projects made with this fiber tend to hold their shape much better.

Use Open Pattern Stitches
Open work stitch patterns are perfect for warm months. They reduce weight and bulkiness, increase drape and movement, all while allowing for breathability in crocheted fabric. Whether you choose filet crochet, mesh, or lace stitches your crochet will be ready for fair weather. If you’re a beginner and not ready ready to tackle complicated stitch patterns, read on to see how you can create “lace-like” fabric by adjusting your hook size.

Yarn Weights and Hook Sizes
Put your warm weather crochet on a diet by using skinny yarn. Crochet projects worked in DK, sport, fingering, and lace weight yarns will keep you cooler than those made with heavier yarns. As a rule smaller hooks are matched with thinner yarns, but pairing larger hooks with thin yarns can produce a very attractive, “lace-like” fabric. For example, you might consider using a US size H-8/5mm or larger hook with fingering or sport weight yarn. If you’ve fallen in love with a heavy weight yarn and want to use it for a Summer top, you’ll really need bulk up your hook size. For instance you might pair a US size N-13/9mm or larger hook with worsted weight yarn or a US size S/19mm with bulky weight yarn. Be open to experimentation and create crochet fabrics that match your fair weather style.

For more information on yarn weights and hooks check out the the Craft Yarn Council’s Standard Yarn Weight Chart and Hooks and Needles Chart.

Rialto Top photo2Get a Copy of My Rialto Ribbed Top Pattern
In this simple and stylish top, half double crochet ribbing creates an attractive fabric that bears a strong resemblance to knitting. The body of the garment is worked from side to side, then the bodice is worked up to the shoulders. An empire waist and side vents will flatter any figure. Use a linen blend yarn like Classic Elite Firefly to keep cool on warm days.

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