Jasper Cowl - Crochet Pattern Tames Variegated Yarn

Jasper Cowl – Crochet Pattern Tames Variegated Yarn


Jasper Cowl designed by Angelia Robinson for Happy Fuzzy Yarn.

A while back I wrote a review of Laura Bryant’s book on controlling variegated yarn. Armed with the knowledge from this book, I challenged myself to develop a crocheted accessory that makes the most of hand dyed yarn’s special characteristics. So I teamed up with Happy Fuzzy Yarn  to design the Jasper Cowl.

If you’ve worked with hand dyed variegated yarn, you already know its colors have a tendency to pool or stack together — sometimes with less than appealing results. Yet in this project, I took advantage of the pooling factor and forced the colors to stack vertically, creating an unusual striped affect which is achieved without doing any colorwork. The Jasper Cowl pattern has been designed exclusively for Happy Fuzzy Yarn Corrie Sock, so if you match the stated pattern’s stated gauge, you will achieve this vertical pooling in any of its many colorways. Still, I have to admit that I am kind of partial to the Sulfur Springs colorway used in the pattern.

The mesh stitch pattern I selected for this design creates an airy and textured crocheted fabric that is comfortable to wear around your neck. Once the pattern is established, the project is portable and easy to work on in public while chatting with friends. The pattern includes a stitch chart as well as detailed instructions for setting up the yarn for forced color pooling.

While there are lots of patterns for helping knitters tame variegated yarn, but crocheters love hand dyed yarn, too. The Jasper Cowl is a unique resource for wielders of the hook who want to tame variegated yarn. Get your copy of the pattern, and don’t forget to buy a skein of Happy Fuzzy Yarn’s Corrie Sock to go with it.