The Joy of Exploded Crochet Lace

The Joy of Exploded Crochet Lace

Ayo Scarf

Ayo Scarf featuring Brisbane by Queensland Collection.

Love the look of crocheted lace, but find it difficult to manage tiny hooks and fine yarns? You’re not alone. Projects worked in small gauge cause hand and eye strain for many crocheters – myself included. That’s why an exploded lace project may be just right for you.

What is exploded lace?
Exploded lace crochet is simply open-work on a larger scale. Any lacy crochet stitch pattern can be turned into exploded lace. All you need to do is substitute thicker yarn and bigger needles. 

Meet the Ayo Scarf!
I designed the piece using a large-scale, geometric lace pattern in which the areas of negative space are just as dynamic as the solid sections. Self-striping yarn such as Brisbane by Queensland Collection adds elements of motion and color.  The name is inspired by the word Ayọ which means “joy” in Yoruba. And this pattern is a joy to crochet. Here’s why:

  • It features an easy to memorize pattern stitch.
  • It’s designed for self-striping or ombre yarn.
  • It’s worked in a generous gauge with a US Size J-10 (6 mm) hook.
  • It can be worn by men, women, and kids.
  • And this super quick project can be finished in a single weekend.

My Ayo Scarf pattern is a departure from everyday lace, and it’s now available for digital download. Get your copy today.