Tahitian Water Cover-up

Tahitian Water Cover-up. Photo courtesy Love of Knitting.

Tahitian Water Cover-up. Designed by Angelia Robinson. Photo courtesy Love of Knitting.

Ever admire a garment in a store then talk yourself out of buying it? You say to yourself, “I could make that!” Well that was my experience with a swim suit cover I saw in a catalog. I thought the basic construction was ingeniously simple, and I couldn’t rest until I figured out a way to create a knitted version. The result is my Tahitian Water Cover-up which is featured in the Summer 2014 issue of Love of Knitting magazine.

The concept of the piece is not unlike a sarong skirt. The difference in this case is that  the overlap has been shifted upward to occur over the bust instead of down at the waist. Armhole shaping and  i-cord ties hold the garment in place at the shoulders. I’ve added a simple lace pattern to the bottom edge for interest. Waist and bust darts ensure overall fit. Wear this at the pool, at the beach, or take it along on your spa day.

Tahitian Water Back view

Tahitian Water Cover up back view.

Unfortunately, the magazine doesn’t show a picture of the back, so I’ve included one here. Meet Griselda, my no- so-lovely but very utilitarian dress form. In this image you can see the waist darts and the completely open back.

The piece was knitted in King Cole Cottonsoft DK in the gorgeous Jade colorway. Still, you could substitute another high quality cotton or cotton blend yarn. As always when working with cotton, you will want to take “hanging gauge” measurements before beginning the project. Otherwise the piece will stretch out shape, and you’ll wind up with a ball gown instead of a swim suit cover-up. Just follow the steps in my hanging gauge blog post and your Tahitian Water Cover-up will turn out just right.