What The Felt: Swatch Stories, part 1

I love crochet, and I love felting! So I’m putting the two together in a book. What The Felt: The Girlfriend’s Guide to Felted Crochet will be released in 2017, and I’ll be writing about the book’s development here on my blog. In this first post let’s talk about yarn and swatching.

In order to put together a collection of interesting projects for this book, I began by swatching with various stitch patterns and felting techniques. I explored lots and lots of yarn and settled on fibers from Berroco, Brown Sheep, Cascade Yarns, Crystal Palace Yarns, Mountain Colors, and Noro. Not every swatch inspired a successful project, but here are a few which made the final cut:

market bag swatchDuring this discovery process, I happened upon a familiar open work pattern in one of my old stitch bibles. I’ve used it in several designs over the years, and I was curious to see what it would look like after felting.  The photo on the right shows my first version swatched with Brown Sheep Lanaloft Sport in a deep blue color I happened to have in my stash. But when it came time to order yarn, the color was discontinued. So I made a major shift and decided to use the Sparkling Lemon colorway instead. The photo below shows the before felting and after felting swatches in the new color, and I’m very happy with the result.

yellow swatches 2Stay tuned to see what this swatch will become and for more previews from my upcoming book. If you need a little felting action to tide you over, sign up for my free eguide, Crochet Never Felt Better ebook.